Titleist Velocity


The Velocity golf ball is designed with extremely low spin to maximize distance on every shot in the bag.

  • Description


    Product Overview:

    2022 Velocity Golf Balls

    Bring full throttle distance to your game with New Titleist® Velocity™ golf balls. Engineered for high speed, high launch and low long game spin for explosive distance, and available in unique color options including new matte blue.


    Player Benefits
    • Longer Distance
    • Extremely Low Long Game Spin
    • High Flight on all Shots
    • Playable Greenside Feel
    Technology Features
    • High Speed LSX Core
    • Fast NAZ+ Cover
    • Spherically-Tiled 350 Octahedral Dimple Design
    Technology with Performance Benefits
    • New Higher Speed LSX Core for Faster Speed on Full Swing Shots; Designed for Maximum Distance
    • Faster NAZ+ Cover Designed for Speed and Playable Greenside Feel
    • Spherically-Tiled 350 Octahedral Dimple Design Provide High Flight Trajectory