Titleist TSR Fairway Woods


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    The new Titleist TSR family of metalwoods represents the zenith of the Titleist Speed Project, a six-year peerless pursuit of speed that led to breakthroughs and distance gains in every way imaginable.  Every aspect has been considered, constructed, and optimized to deliver unparalleled performance from every swing.

    The TSR3 features a new SureFit Adjustable CG Track System with two more positions, making a total of five, that cover a wider and more precise range of adjustability.  In addition to providing more options to help you dial in the perfect ball flight, the new track is quicker and easier to adjust than its predecessor.

    Utilizing the same Open Hosel Construction TSR2, engineers at Titleist were able to shift the TSR3’s center of gravity lower, deeper, and closer to the center of the face.  Consequently, the new fairway is more forgiving and easier to launch high than ever.

    The premium shaft offering includes DI, IZ, and UB models from Graphite Design.  Graphite Design shafts make use of advanced TORAYCA material with NANOALLOY technology to fine-tune specific zones of the shaft for added stability without adding weight.  As a result, Tour AD graphite shafts simultaneously provide superior accuracy and distance.

    Titleist TSR3 Fairway Woods – Premium Shaft Feature:

    • Precise flight control with more adjustability
    • New SureFit Adjustable CG Track System with five positions allows you to dial in the perfect ball flight and is faster and easier to adjust
    • Open Hosel Construction moves CG deeper, lower, and closer to the face for more forgiveness and an easier, higher launch
    • Player-Tuned Performance creates powerful sound and feel
    • Stock Shaft: Tour AD DI 7/8, Tour AD IZ 6/7, Tour AD UB 6/7
    • Stock Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 (58R)
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