Callaway MD5 Mack Daddy Wedges


Left & Right Handed Options!

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*Not all Bounces are offered in every loft*

*Not all Grinds are offered in every loft*

  • Description


    The Callaway MD5 Mack Daddy Wedges are a collaborative effort stemming from the mind of legendary wedge designer Roger Cleveland and the R&D team at Callaway.  Their combined efforts produced the all-new Jaws groove design.

    Jaws grooves are designed to a 37° wall angle, an extreme difference from the 5° used in the MD4.  The result is an elevated groove-edge sharpness for maximum grip and spin from all types of lies.  Jaws grooves are particularly effective from 80 yards and in, producing player preferred one hop and stop trajectory.

    Jaws wedges also incorporate Callaway’s proven Groove-In-Groove technology.  Groove-In-Groove technology consists of smaller micro-grooves found between the milled ridges on the wedge’s face.  This technology expands the hitting area and increases ball spin.  The additional micro-grooves work in tandem with the micro-grooves to provide 84 contact points.  While it all sounds very complex, more grip means more spin and more spin means control.

    For the MD5 wedge, Callaway has introduced a new low-bounce W grind, for a total of 5 grind options.  The C grind has extra heel relief and is ideal for shallow or medium attack angles (8 degree bounce).  The S grind has a medium-width sole and moderate heel relief, which helps keep the leading edge close to the turf (10 degree bounce).  The W grind has a wide sole and a front to back camber to prevent digging without adding bounce, making it ideal for open faced shots (12 degree bounce).  The X grind has a narrow, high balance sole and is designed for steeper angles of attack.  The new low-bounce W grind (10 degree bounce) features increased sole-tap and heel relief for increased playability around the green, while still allowing players to use the entire bounce on full shots.

    Callaway MD5 Mack Daddy Jaws Wedges 

    Callaway MD5 Mack Daddy Jaws Wedges – Tour Grey

    • New JAWS groove design works with Groove-In-Groove technology to provide more spin and control
    • Constructed from 8620 mild carbon steel with precise CG to create a soft, yet substantial feel
    • Lofts available: 46,48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 64
    • Grinds available: C, S, W, X, New Low-Bounce W
    • Optimized head progression for a seamless transition through irons and wedges
    • Stock Shaft: True Temper Tour Issue 115 Steel
    • Stock Grip: Lamkin UTX Blue/Black
    • Platinum Chrome Finish or Tour Grey